I will never take my car to any other mechanic besides Michael, and here is why: The check engine light on my girlfriend's BMW recently came on, so we took it to the BMW dealership to be serviced. Although it was still covered under warranty and some of the services were free of charge, the dealership recommended that $1,993 in additional services needed to be performed, including a $610 service to replace a battery (which is insane). Michael has been servicing my car for the last nine years, so I gave him a call to verify the charges the BMW dealership was quoting me. After speaking with Michael, it was determined that the $610 charge to replace the battery was under warranty (even after I asked the dealership on two occasions if it was covered) and it was replaced free of charge by the BMW dealership. For the remaining services, which included a brake flush, coolant flush, and power steering flush, Michael quoted me approximately 50% of what the BMW dealership had sent me as the cost to perform the services. Needless to say, Michael is picking up the car tomorrow to perform the remaining work. And that's one additional benefit to point out: Michael comes and picks up the car at my office and drops it back off before the end of the day. As a result, not a minute of my day is wasted dealing with the repairs.


This is the greatest thing since the invention of Dr Pepper! I don't have to do a thing but drive the car to work and drop my keys at the front desk. So so SOOO much better than going to a dealership and then waiting for their shuttle, and THEN waiting as they drop everyone in the van off before me. This is a much better use of my time. And the work is GREAT!

Susan T.

I am, as usual, extremely satisfied with the quality of the workmanship, the timeliness of the repair and the value I have received. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have and continue to do. You are a blessing to your customers. Keep up the good work!

Trina R.

I would and have recommended your shop, several times. It's nice to know I have dependable professionals I can trust with my vehicles. What puts C.A.R.S over the top is that I don't have to miss work. That is real value added.

Don A.

I have to say, I have NEVER felt comfortable when taking my car in for repairs - unnecessary to a dealership or really anywhere. Until now. I'm not one that knows much about cars so was never sure whether the work quoted is more than needed or unnecessary - kind of like the must have "rust proofing" (see David Puddy on Seinfeld). Curtis took the time to bring multiple mechanics in to go over my car, based on what ANOTHER dealer had suggested. Not only did he go above and beyond, he saved me a TON of money on unneeded repairs and won my business - for life. Great people - great service!

Steve S.

Michael is always professional. One thing I appreciate about him is he takes his time to talk to you, walk you through things and never "pushes" you into doing work. He suggests what is most critical and then lets "me" the customer make a decision.

Lisa S.

I enjoy our relationship and hope it continues. It's about time I found a mechanic that can be trusted and works with my schedule. You will be working on all my cars as I get them. Thank you.

Robert S.

Mike is ALWAYS able to help even on short notice and I never have to worry about the work. It is the best stress free - take care of business; while working at my place of business!

Lori M.

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