Signs You Need to Get Your Transmission Checked Out

transmission repair in Carrollton, TXWhen you think about it, it’s amazing how much we rely on our cars in just about every aspect of our lives. We need them to get us to work, to get our kids to school, to drive us on errand runs and to be available at a moment’s notice to take us somewhere in an emergency. It’s quite a lot to ask of a single machine, and it’s no wonder that sooner or later, every car will eventually run into some kind of problem. While many people are unfamiliar with how to diagnose car problems, the truth is that you should be aware of a few major signs to look out for with regards to your car’s transmission. Knowing these signs can help you recognize when problems are popping up, which will allow you to get them fixed before they become expensive catastrophes.

Fluid Leaks

One of the first signs that you need transmission repair in Carrollton, TX is if you notice transmission fluid leaks. Transmission systems are closed systems, and fluid should not be leaking in a properly functioning transmission system. Transmission fluid is usually bright red, though it can appear darker or brownish under certain conditions. If you notice any fluids or fluid stains on your driveway, place a piece of cardboard beneath your engine to see what kind of fluid, if any, is leaking.


A transmission system that is starting to wear out will start to “slip” more and more often. When this happens, it will feel like the car has changed gears for no discernable reason. You might hear the engine slip into a high-pitched whining sound. This is happening because the transmission’s ability to change gears, and to keep you in certain gears, is starting to break down. If this happens, make sure to take your car into a qualified shop as soon as you can.

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