Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I try C.A.R.S?

A: If you have had to wait in line on the weekends or deal with overpriced dealers then you have answered the question already. Let us show you what it is like to never experience that again.

Q: Will you have my vehicle back by 5:00 pm?

A: We will have your vehicle back to you by our pre-arranged time.

Q: Are you a full service repair facility?

A: Yes. We can perform any work that is required to get you back on the road.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located at 4121 Billy Mitchell Dr., Addison TX 75001.

Q: Can I drive by on the weekend?

A: Our facility is closed on the weekends, but we are available for emergencies.

Q: Can you fix my vehicle on site or does it have to be taken back to your repair center?

A: It is best that we move your vehicle back to our repair center so that we have access to all of the proper equipment needed for the work. In addition, property managers typically do not like to have repair work done on site.

Q: What if you take my vehicle away for one thing and find something else?

A: As always we make a thorough evaluation of all the vehicles that we see and if something else should come to our attention, then we will notify you immediately to discuss your options.

Q: What if you need my vehicle overnight or past 5:00?

A: In the rare instance we are not able to have the repair fixed by our pre-arranged time; we will contact you with enough time to allow you to make alternate arrangements to get home. If you are not able to make alternate arrangements then we will return your vehicle to you and make arrangements to finish the work the following workday.

Q: Can you work on all makes and models of cars?

A: Yes, we are a full service certified repair facility capable of performing all minor and major repairs on all makes and models including Asian and German engineered cars.

Q: Can I have my vehicle during lunch?

A: While we would love to accommodate your request; however, it depends on the type of service that you requested.

Q: Do you offer State Inspections?

A: Yes, we perform same day inspections.

Q: Can you do recalls or warranty work?

A: We cannot do recalls; however, most vehicles purchased today come with an extended warranty that can be taken to any certified repair facility. This enables you to get dealer quality work, without having to take it to the dealer.

Q: Who will be driving my car?

A: One of our insured service technicians.

Get the answers to all of your questions by contacting us. We serve Addison, TX, and the surrounding areas.